On channeling Don Draper, the fine art of CGI, and all things Kosher.

Ranking consistently as the number one agent in the McGrath Network, combined with leading one of the most successful sales teams in Australasia, Mat Steinwede is a highly sought-after property sales specialist and entrepreneur. With over 23 years’ experience dedicated solely to the real estate industry across the Central Coast of NSW, Mat has one of Australia’s best track records in property sales.
Exposed to the underbelly of Kings Cross when he was young, Mat was left homeless. With just the clothes he was wearing he moved to the Central Coast to try to start a better life. After gaining a job in real estate, Mat literally walked the streets for years, day after day, asking each home owner if they would like to sell. Over time he turned his life around. By applying a positive mindset, hard work and the law of attraction, Mat has established himself as an industry leader, achieving some of the best results in Australia.
Mat’s achievements have seen him recognised by global sales leaders and as a thought leader and emerge as an in-demand high-performance speaker. Besides being regarded as an expert on sales, business and improving your life through mastering your energy, Mat has helped thousands of people change their life and achieve what they want. In this episode Mat details his journey from one of Australia’s most wanted criminals to one of Australia’s most successful real estate agents, the benefits of connecting with your feminine side & the importance of realising your optimum capability.